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Dealing with the data, so you don't have to

We love LiveCode and its simplicity, but how often has your LiveCode app stopped at the point of data?

Introducing LiveCloud, where you can store, sync, and serve your data with our zero-configuration experience.

Developing the data portion of your app will be faster and easier. Enjoy more time to focus on your app. Lower your development costs and ship sooner.

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How it works

  • Create Database
    Use LiveCloud Manager to create your database and tables with ease and flexibility.
  • Integrate Into Application
    Export the CanelaDB Toolkit and add a code snippet to your LiveCode app to allow it to communicate with your CanelaDB database.
  • Communicate With Code
    Use the CanelaDB API in your LiveCode application to access your CanelaDB database on LiveCloud with ease.

Flexible and Powerful

Simple to use and easy to learn. LiveCloud is more than a database in the cloud.

Gain access to other essential business tools like LiveCloud Manager, authentication, app tracking, blobs, auto-scaling, and security.

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Always Affordable

Get started for free! Develop your apps with free local and cloud storage!

Need more capacity? Get your LiveCode friendly backend with an inexpensive subscription. Our ‘Rain’ tier comes with enough storage space to handle many types of applications.

Our pay as you go model gives you virtually unlimited space to hold all your data. Our shared tiers are perfect for just about everyone.

Should you require more control over the resources of your cloud architecture, give us a call. Our experienced team will work with you to design a custom solution to meet your individual needs.

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