Frequently Asked Questions

What is LiveCode?

LiveCode is a compile-free programming language that can be used to run and edit your application live, without any compile delay. It is completely cross-platform, with IDEs available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and it can also deploy standalone applications to iOS, Android, and HTML5. More information can be found at

What is LiveCloud?

LiveCloud is a fully managed backend for the LiveCode development environment. It includes a local database, a cloud database, and user authorization, with many more features coming soon.

Is LiveCloud available to all LiveCode users?

LiveCloud relies on certain technology that is only available to users with an Indy or Business LiveCode license. As such, you will need a LiveCode Indy or Business license in order to use LiveCloud in your applications.

Which versions of LiveCode are supported by LiveCloud?

LiveCode 9.0 (Indy or Business) or newer is compatible with LiveCloud.

How do I use LiveCloud?

You can install the LiveCloud Manager application here, and you can use our docs and quickstart guide to get started:

How much does LiveCloud cost?

LiveCloud pricing can be found on our pricing page:

Where can I get more help?

Documentation for LiveCloud can be found on our docs site: We will soon have forums where you talk with both other users and the Developers working on the LiveCloud service.

Who is Canela Software?

Founded in 1996, Canela Software is a software company that has developed a variety of LiveCode-based software products. These include 2020 Vision, one of the most popular Visual Acuity systems in North America, NurseNotes, an EHR for school nurses, and Spicekit, a licensing and autoupdate program for LiveCode developers.

How can I contact Canela?

You can email us at