Frequently Asked Questions

What is LiveCloud?

LiveCloud is a fully managed backend for the LiveCode development environment. It includes a database we call CanelaDB, sync, user authentication, and many other useful APIs and features. Simply put, it is the easiest way to manage your data needs when building an app in LiveCode.

What is LiveCode?

LiveCode is a compile-free programming language that can be used to run and edit your application live, without any compile delay. It is completely cross-platform, with IDEs available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and it can also deploy standalone applications to iOS, Android, and HTML5. More information can be found at

Can I try LiveCloud Manager without a LiveCode license?

Yes! No LiveCode license is needed to use LiveCloud Manager. See how quickly you can create a database with imported CSV data using only LCM. Since LCM is a native app written in LiveCode, it is a good example of what can be created in LiveCode with a LiveCloud backend.

Can I replace SQLite with CanelaDB?

Yes. CanelaDB can be used as a local data store. Build your database structure in LiveCloud Manager with a free “Mist” plan. Your database structure is stored in the cloud for free. Export your toolKit to your LiveCode app. Use the APIs with “local” as the target. Eg: cdb_create(myArray,myTableName,”local”) or cdb_read(myTableName,recordID,”local”). You may use CanelaDB for free for as many projects as you like.

Is LiveCloud available to all LiveCode users?

LiveCloud takes full advantage of technology that is only available to users with an Indy or Business LiveCode license. As such, you will need a LiveCode Indy or Business license to use LiveCloud in your applications. You can use a trial version of LiveCode Indy for free. Once you see how fast you can make apps, you are going to want to upgrade your trial to a paid version.

Which versions of LiveCode are supported by LiveCloud?

LiveCode 9.0 (Indy or Business) or newer is compatible with LiveCloud.

How do I use LiveCloud?

You can install the LiveCloud Manager application here, and you can use our docs and quickstart guide to get started:

How much does LiveCloud cost?

A free tier is available. More LiveCloud pricing information can be found on our pricing page:

Where are the LiveCloud Regions?

LiveCloud has regions in San Francisco, New York, Toronto, London, and Johannesburg. More regions are being considered based on demand. If we do not have a region near you, we would enjoy building you a bespoke region. Contact us at to learn more.

What happens if I cancel LiveCloud early?

You may cancel your LiveCloud Service at any time by clicking on the “Delete Account” button in the Account section of LCM. If you cancel early, you can continue to use LiveCloud until your account automatically closes at the end of your current billing period.

If I cancel LiveCloud, will I be charged?

You will not be charged again unless you have overage fees for going above your current plan’s included storage. If you cancel with time left in your billing period, you’ll have complete access to LiveCloud services until your account cancels automatically. Once you have reached the end of your billing period, you will no longer be able to access LiveCloud and your data will be deleted.

What happens to my local data if I cancel LiveCloud?

If you plan to continue using CanelaDB with your local databases, we suggest moving your account to the free “Mist” plan. This will allow you to continue using LCM to manage your databases free of any fees.

Where can I get more help?

Documentation for LiveCloud can be found on our docs site: Or, join our active forums and get help from the LiveCloud team as well as other developers that use the LiveCloud service.

Who is Canela Software?

Founded in 1996, Canela Software is a software company that has developed a variety of LiveCode-based software products. These include 2020 Vision, one of the most popular Visual Acuity systems in North America, NurseNotes, an Electronic Medical Record System for school nurses, Spicekit, a licensing and auto-update framework for LiveCode developers, and LiveCloud, a Backend as a Service.

How can I contact the LiveCloud team?

You can email us at