Binary Large OBjects


Livecloud supports the use of Binary Large Objects (BLOB)s as part of its database API. This allows you to store, view, and manage images, audio, video, PDF, or any other kind of binary files within your database. With BLOBs, you can deal with images and videos similarly to how you’d store normal text data. Using the LiveCloud Manager, you can easily administrate your BLOBs to make them accessible in your app. And with the BLOB API, you can set up your app so your users can upload, download, and use images or other files just as easily.

We utilize DigitalOcean’s Spaces to maintain your BLOBs, giving you access to an entire CDN network that makes downloads of your files fast, no matter where your users are located. BLOB data is kept and tracked separately from your normal cloud database memory limits. (See the pricing page for more details on BLOB limits).