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NurseNotes is an application used in school districts throughout the United States. It helps nurses track their progress and provide care to students without worrying about the security, privacy, and accuracy of their data. Because NurseNotes allows both offline and online access, nurses can reliably retrieve their data at any time.

LiveCloud easily handles all database duties for the 229 schools, 168,303 students, and millions of records of medical data. With hundreds of schools accessing the medical data of their student population at all times, the system has to be ready for the heavy load. Reliability goes hand in hand with LiveCloud’s scalable architecture.

When the school network is busy or goes down, NurseNotes is fully available to every user of the service. CanelaDB’s offline mode means that NurseNotes will keep working with all database calls. Newly generated records are securely stored on the device until the network comes back online. Users can access the last known dataset without internet access. This technology gives schools the power to access critical data even when their network infrastructure has failed.

NurseNotes does not live alone in the complex school system. Data must be transferable between NurseNotes and the Student Information System (SIS). Each system exchanges data on a nightly basis. Thanks to CanelaDB’s powerful import and export APIs, NurseNotes can integrate with any SIS on the market. We query CanelaDB for the data to transfer and take advantage of one line API calls for interoperable formats like CSV and JSON as needed.

Conference App

Syncing live data across many devices is a challenge that prevents many of us from building some of the great ideas we have. Even more daunting is the thought of what we’d do if we ended up with a million users. The LiveCode conference app was written to show us all how quickly you can add a data backend to a LiveCode prototype app. This app was written in about a week!