LiveCloud's Full Backend

All the features and pieces you need


CanelaDB is the non-relational database behind the LiveCloud backend. CanelaDB provides APIs used to store, sync and manage your local and cloud data. Make cloud calls without worrying about your users’ network status. CanelaDB includes a caching system that will cache all cloud calls locally then syncs them with the cloud when the user goes back online.

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LiveCloud Manager

LiveCloud Manager (LCM) is a management app that helps you create, edit, and view both local and cloud data. It is the reference point for a LiveCloud developer giving you a clear view of your data at all times. Apart from allowing you to manage your data, LCM provides additional features that help you learn how to query your data and how to use the CanelaDB APIs. It will even generate a skeleton app based on the tables you’ve set up. To learn more about LCM visit our LiveCloud Manager section.

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LiveCloud has built-in user authentication. Verify the identity of your users, regardless of their network status, by calling one API. Your users will only have access to the tables you defined for each project.

LiveCloud comes with all the APIs you need to manage your users and the data you store about them. LiveCloud takes care of all the heavy lifting.

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What happens if your app explodes in popularity, and you suddenly have a lot more data than you were expecting? Not to worry, LiveCloud has you covered. Once your database servers start getting full, LiveCloud automatically spins up new database servers to maintain the performance you expect. As your business grows, LiveCloud will grow with you.

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Data Encryption

In any database, data security is a primary concern. All data in LiveCloud (both locally and in the cloud) is encrypted using the AES256 cipher, which is considered one of the most secure ciphers for encryption. Moreover, LiveCloud protects your transmitted data to and from our servers via HTTPS -- everything is protected by industry standard TLS encryption.

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What happens if things go wrong, and you accidentally delete all your data? Not to worry, LiveCloud automatically backs up your cloud data for you, so you never have to worry about it. With easy-to-use data restoration services, LiveCloud gives you the ability to roll back database changes when you've made a mistake.

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Sometimes, text-based data just doesn't cut it. You need to store images, PDF documents, audio, video, or other data -- things that are too big to just stuff into a traditional database. Luckily, LiveCloud has a solution: Binary Large OBjects (BLOBs for short). Using LiveCloud's built-in BLOB API, you can easily upload, store, manage, and access any kind of file that you need.

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With LiveCloud, you have access to servers located in different regions around the world. Reduce your network latency by using database servers located close to your users.

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In today's data-driven world, having accurate analytics are more important than ever. With LiveCloud's Track API, you can measure everything your users do in your app. From UI interactions like mouse clicks and button presses, to business logic function calls, you can keep track of everything that happens in your app.

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