All the pieces you need

LiveCloud's Full Backend


CanelaDB is the non-relational database behind the LiveCloud backend. CanelaDB provides APIs used to store, sync and manage your local and cloud data. Make cloud calls without worrying about your users’ network status. CanelaDB includes a caching system that will cache all cloud calls locally then syncs them with the cloud when the user goes back online.

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LiveCloud Manager

LiveCloud Manager (LCM) is a management app that helps you create, edit, and view both local and cloud data. It is the reference point for a LiveCloud developer giving you a clear view of your data at all times. Apart from allowing you to manage your data, LCM provides additional features that help you learn how to query your data and how to use the CanelaDB APIs. It will even generate a skeleton app based on the tables you’ve set up. To learn more about LCM visit our LiveCloud Manager section.

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LiveCloud has built-in user authentication. Verify the identity of your users, regardless of their network status, by calling one API. Your users will only have access to the tables you defined for each project.

LiveCloud comes with all the APIs you need to manage your users and the data you store about them. LiveCloud takes care of all the heavy lifting.

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