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LiveCloud is a hosted back-end service made just for LiveCode developers. Develop your apps quickly without having to focus on your infrastructure.

CassiaDB is a powerful database made especially for LiveCode Developers. CassiaDB is easy to learn, and is free for all your local database needs!

Want to store data on the cloud? Use the same CassiaDB APIs you already enjoy. With ease, connect your LiveCode apps to the cloud with LiveCloud today. LiveCloud is free to use while we are in beta.

Latest News

The question we get most often is, Where is version .3? Nope, it is not vaporware. We did a demo .3 at the LiveCode conference in Edinburgh. It is under very active development. We are in the process of transitioning our apps to .3 in parallel with development on its finishing touches. We need it as badly as you do. Once we finish with its new scaling architecture, we will release it. We really want your first experience with it to be really great.

We are still making .1 and .2 available for the time being. I would not get too comfortable with those versions though. Our true vision for cassiaDB and LiveCloud is near.


Develop on all the platforms LiveCode supports! The same CassiaDB SDK works for both local and cloud storage.

Create on macOS, Windows and Linux.

Deploy on macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.