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function cdb_Query(pInputA)


This function searches the specified table over the cloud, and returns the subset that matches that query in several possible formats. See comparison operators to find all operators allowed in a query.


  • pInputA (Array) – An array of keys containing the query, the table name, and an optional output format.
    • [“query”] (Key) – An array formatted as follows:
      • [“key”] (String) – One of the following:
        • yourKey – Searches the specified key
        • “$” – Searches all schema-defined keys
        • “*” – Searches all schema-defined keys and internal keys.
      • [“value”] (String) – The value to compare with.
      • [“operator”] (String) – The comparison operator to compare each record’s value at the key specified to the value specified.
    • [“cdbTableName”] (String) – The table name or table ID to search through.
    • [“cdbTarget”] (String) – The place to query, either “cloud” or “local”.
    • [“resultFormat”] (String)*:
      • “recordList” (default) – returns a line-delimited list of the recordIDs that match the query.
      • “recordData” – returns an array of full records that match the query.

*optional parameter.

Query input diagram


  • (String) – If pInputA[“resultFormat”] is “recordList” or if no such key is provided:
    • Output is a line-delimited list of the recordIDs that match the query.
  • (Array) – If pInputA[“resultFormat”] is “recordData”:
    • Output is an array where each key is a recordID that matches the query, with subkeys defined by the schema.
      Record Data Output

Additional Requirements

This API call requires internet access.

API Version

  • 0.3.0 – Introduced


local tQueryA, tInputA, tOutputA

#Table name: clients
#Keys: firstName, lastName, age, income

#Construct "query" array
put "firstName" into tQueryA["key"]
put "John" into tQueryA["value"]
put "=" into tQueryA["operator"]

#Set up the input array
put tQueryA into tInputA["query"]
put "clients" into tInputA["cdbTableName"]
put "cloud" into tInputA["cdbTarget"]

#recordData output format
put "recordData" into tInputA["resultFormat"]
#recordList output format
put "recordList" into tInputA["resultFormat"]

put cdb_Query(tInputA) into tOutputA

#recordData Output: tOutputA[123456abcdef]["cdb"] - metadata
                               ["firstName"] - value
                               ["lastName"] - value
                               ["age"] - value
                               ["income"] - value

#recordList Output: 123456abcdef