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function cdb_Create(pInputA)


This function allocates a new cdbRecordID for a record in either the cloud or locally, storing the provided data.


  • pInputA (Array) – An array with the following format:
    • [“cdbTableName”] (String) – The name of the table where the record should be created.
    • [“cdbTarget”] (String) – The place to create the record, either “cloud” or “local”.
    • *[“cdbDoNotUseLiveCache”] (Boolean) – If true, will stop using livecache.
    • [yourKey1] (String) – The value for one of the new record’s keys. yourKey1 must be one of the table’s keys. (see getTableKeys). At least one key must be provided.
    • *[yourKeyN] (String) – The value for the new record’s yourKeyN key.

*optional parameter.


(String) – The allocated cdbRecordID for the new record.

Additional Requirements

This API call requires internet access in order to create cloud records.

API Version

  • 0.3.0 – Introduced


#Table name: clients
#Keys: firstName, lastName, age, income

put "John" into tInputA["firstName"]
put "Doe" into tInputA["lastName"]
put "20" into tInputA["age"]
put "30000" into tInputA["income"]
put "clients" into tInputA["cdbTableName"]
put "cloud" into tInputA["cdbTarget"]

put cdb_create(tInputA) into tRecordID
#tRecordID now contains the ID of the created record: 123456abcdef

#Error handling
if not cdb_result() then
    answer cdb_result("response")
end if