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Built for Livecode, using Livecode

CassiaDB is a non-relational database that drives the LiveCloud backend-as-a-service. CassiaDB provides APIs used to store, sync and manage your local and cloud data. Make cloud calls without worrying about your users’ network status. CassiaDB includes a caching system that will cache all cloud calls locally then syncs them with the cloud when the user goes back online.

Local Database

CassiaDB is perfect to use as a local database. You can store and read data locally on your device, whether you’re building an app for Android, iOS, or any desktop platform. CassiaDB will persist your data on disk, but also keeps your database in memory to give you lightning fast access to your data.

Best of all, local storage is free forever. You don’t need a credit card to start deploying CassiaDB — just download the LiveCloud Manager (LCM) App, set up your tables in the LCM, and export the CassiaDB libraries to your application.

No More SQL syntax

Instead of having to learn SQL, a completely new language and paradigm, just to store data, you can now use CassiaDB’s easy-to-learn, Livecode-centric syntax.

CassiaDB’s APIs provide everything you need to store data, both locally and to the cloud. And because they’re written in Livecode, everything is familiar — just standard functions and commands.

Easy Cloud Access

CassiaDB connects you to the cloud — all you have to do is pass a single parameter! In addition to allowing for easy cloud storage, it also includes a simple-to-use sync command so you can keep your local data up to date with your cloud.

CassiaDB Cloud also persists when you go offline. Cloud calls are cached so that whenever you go online again, everything gets pushed to the cloud in the order you expect.