Installing the LiveCloud Manager

The LiveCloud Manager (LCM) is your portal to creating, updating, and managing your LiveCloud databases, accessing your LiveCloud account, and exporting the LiveCloud SDK for use in your applications.


Download the latest LCM here for MAC, Windows, and Linux. Running the LCM for the first time starts an automatic download process that installs the main application components. The LCM will automatically download any available updates each time the application is started. For Windows and Linux users, the main application components will be saved next to the executable; therefore, we recommend creating a folder on the desktop for the LCM rather than running from the desktop directly.


The registration window will open after all updates complete. Fill out all available fields. During the alpha stage, credit card information is not required. Once you complete the registration information, click on ‘SIGNUP’.


Note: The username is restricted to numbers and lowercase letters only.

Bonus: Your account credentials can also be used to sign in for forum participation, bug reporting, and more.


The Welcome window provides links to:



  • See our getting started screencast
  • Download sample apps like dropper
  • Log into the support forums
  • Send feedback
  • Launch the Manager.




The first page you will see is the create database page. This is where you set up your database. Go to Setting up your first database for more on this.The top of the LCM is your navigation to the major sections – Database management, Documentation, and your account.


Documentation will open the API documentation.
This is a separate window you can keep open while you work.


My Account

Clicking on your username will open a dropdown giving you options for ‘My Account’ and ‘Sign Out’.
Clicking on the avatar window (circle in the upper right with you initials) takes you straight to ‘My Account’.


The account section consists or six sections:

  • My Account – view or copy your Client ID and SDK Authentication Key, change your email or password, add an avatar
  • Billing – update your billing information including credit card information
  • Settings – check your LCM internet connectivity, launch the welcome window, or open the about/change log
  • Stats – see analytics about your database activity
  • Achievements – a fun section to see how your use of LiveCloud is progressing
  • Powerups – upgrade your database needs as you grow.