Creating Your First LiveCloud Database

The LiveCloud Manager (LCM) is your portal for creating, updating, and managing your LiveCloud databases. Download the LCM to get started. See Installing the LCM for basic registration and navigation information.

After you register and launch the LCM from the Welcome window, you will be able to create your first database.


LiveCloud uses a key-value relationship to store your data.

Choose a database name and enter the keys for the database. Keys are like fields in your app (FirstName, LastName, etc.) You can use the return key (enter on Windows) to add new keys or click ‘+ Create New Key’.

You can:


Re-arrange your keys;



Re-number a key;




Delete a key;



Reset to empty for a new database or
Reload the last saved key set on a saved database;

Import and export csv or line delimited key sets.



After entering a database name and the key set, click save. The database is saved to your account and provisioned to a LiveCloud server.

The next step is to export the SDK for use in your application. For your first database, you will be given the option to visit the export page. You can also export the SDK from the database summary page. To use LiveCloud with your app, you will need to load the SDK as a library. The export page contains preOpenStack script you can copy and paste into your application. The script is also available from the database summary page.



LiveCode PreOpenStack Script

on preOpenStack
global gCDBauthKey
local tLibraryPath
put '[unique security key for your account]' into gCDBAuthKey
set the itemDel to "/"
put item 1 to -2 of (the fileName of this stack) into tLibraryPath
put "/cassiaDB/libraries/CDB_Starter" after tLibraryPath ## MODIFY PATH AS NEEDED
start using stack tLibraryPath
end preOpenStack








Click ‘Done’ after exporting the SDK to go to the database summary. The Database summary allows you to check the provisioning status for a database, sync the current records for your databases to the LCM, create new databases, copy the preOpenStack code, export the SDK for use in your applications, and link to the record viewer or edit key set pages.


See our CRUD article to learn more about using LiveCloud in your applications.