Important update to CassiaDB version .1 and .2 SDK

This update has a very important change if you are using HyperBlobs. - The domain has changed for our bucket that hosts your HyperBlobs. Please update your libraries by exporting your SDK from the LiveCloud Manager. The current domain will remain in effect for the next 3 weeks. We suggest you update your apps as soon as possible. - Other details: This change only affects the reading of HyperBlobs. The previous libraries will still be able to write HyperBlobs. If you are not using HyperBlobs, there is no need to update your SDK. If you have any questions, please let us know.... »

Branding, Website, UI/UX…DaySix

As you already know, making software requires a number of talents. Writing code is only one part of a successful project. UI/UX, message, branding, documentation, QC, marketing, sales and other things I have not listed, need equal attention for any project. Starting with branding, we need to consider our message, our audience, our goals. Everything is connected. Bringing it all together requires a variety of talents and skills. Enter DaySix Studio ( DaySix is going to work with us on a new website to better convey what it is we are trying to accomplish with LiveCloud and CassiaDB. Our voice to you must be clear. We are making a service that w... »

Has it really been 3 years?

It seems like we just released our first alpha of cassiaDB and access to LiveCloud. The reality is that 3 years have come and gone very quickly. During this time we have had 220 developers play and work with LiveCloud. 567 tables later, we have learned a lot about databases and backend services. As you know, all of our apps and services rely on the same technology we are offering to you. Your comments and feedback along with our own project needs has guided us to version .3. We view it as the culmination of everyones great ideas. Under the hood, everything has changed. Externally, a few things will look different. The first thing you will notice is that we are using arrays ... »

CassiaDB Workshop

Hello from Edinburgh! We just finished our CassiaDB workshop at LiveCode Conference 2016. It was awesome meeting so many members of the community, as well as the LiveCode team. We were really excited to have people test out CassiaDB and to show them our APIs. Watch this space; we'll be posting here as soon as Cassia is available to use. Cassia docs are available on GitHub (we're constantly updating them!): From the conference, here is our slide deck explaining Cassia and the APIs: The app we demoed is also available - we've switched the cloud calls to local calls, as the server is... »

LiveCloud .2 Released!

The .2 update is a stable release. We strongly suggest everyone transition to this SDK when able. It has a number of incremental updates, full unicode support, and a new API for merging data. Our studio is has been using the .2 release for months now. You can get it by emailing us at and request the update. We will move your data from a .1 to a .2 compatible server. The APIs are backwards compatible with your current data and code. Please provide your userName to your LiveCloud account to facilitate the transition. The new merge API allows you to update or remove data from any key in a single call based on 'operators' and an optional "delimiter... »

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